The Attitude of Success

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Very few things, perhaps nothing, will have more impact on your opportunity for success than your attitude.

There are many many things in life we cannot control. So many people that we cannot control either. Sometimes it just seems as if we have no control over life at all. But that is absolutely untrue. We have complete control over one of life’s greatest assets…. our attitude.

While we cannot control the events or people in our life we have total control over how we react to them. Total control. You have total, complete control over you attitude. It’s your choice and your choice alone. The only way you can lose that choice is to give it away.

Less successful people regularly give the choice of their attitude to the whims of events and the chances of life. They have, I’m sorry to say, a victim mentality that makes failure palatable…

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Aztec rocking!

My gorgeous daughter has just started writing her own blog. She is a one of few kids in their school who own blogs. I am super proud of her. I thinks this is great for kids to start developing their writing skills as early as possible. It’s definitely better than drowning in computer games . Check it out.


Fashion is one of the most important things to us girls and maybe a few boys. We all have different fashion interests. You might like dark and gloomy clothes or modern and bright (girly) clothes. I prefer bright colourful clothes. This summer I think Aztec is so rocking!!!

 I like Aztec because of the way it is multi-colored  and also the way it has so many different and creative  patterns  like zig zags up-down triangels.

This is my new school bag that I got from Accessorize it is so pretty and I love it! I cannot wait to show this awesome bag off at school.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for liking it!

Jada x

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Psoriasis and Eczema: Itching to tell you…


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Cara Delevingne

Stunning fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne isn’t the only one slapping on a bit of make up on her gorgeous long legs this summer. I have done the same since my best friend from hell eczema decided to pay me a visit.  Cara Delevingne suffers from psoriasis; a skin condition which is similar to eczema.  Cara kept covering all the affected area on her skin with make up (Bless her cotton socks!) Until Kate Moss took notice and advised her to see her doctor. Glam puss Kim kardashian also suffers from psoriasis.

I must admit that it was really refreshing seeing Cara strut her stuff recently on the runway with her psoriasis scar all bare for the world to see. Apart from the fact that she is a step to being a mere mortal like the rest of us,  I admire her confidence and thoughtfulness on creating a health awareness around the skin condition  (I have always known that Models can actually be very intelligent)


                            here goes my itchy story.

Summer without eczema is always fun and dare I say, sassy!

I have suffered from eczema since I was a child, which continued to worsen in my teens. My eczema  flared up mostly on my trunk, legs and hands, leaving me with dark spots on the affected areas. Hence, I spent good part of my teen years, feeling too embarrassed to wear short dresses or skirts. I kept my legs covered all the time. As I got older, my eczema episodes started to fade away and of course discovering emollient cream helped my skin to recover.

I have also noticed a pattern with my eczema,  It tends to return when I am under a lot of stress. Therefore, my immediate reaction would be to try to slow down. It’s almost like a warning bell to my body.

Eczema and psoriasis are hereditary and in some cases, stress induced. I still haven’t experienced anything more annoying than waking up in the morning and realising that you have scratched the living day light out of your skin. Then my other half would make matters worse by saying ‘have you been scratching again honey?’ ‘you are gonna ruin your skin’…aah the annoyance!

Nonetheless, my no-eczema days are great; I would get those strong and gorgeous Legs out (I am a runner ) happily. Causing a little havoc among local men or may be few fisher men down in Cornwall and oh! let’s not forget those fit surfers too. I cherished every moment of clear skin until my next flare up.

 This summer has been particularly bad with my eczema, perhaps it was making up for last year when I didn’t have it all. Considering that I have been under a lot stress with work this year, it is almost expected.

 I am receiving treatment from my brilliant doctor, who also understands the emotional feeling of being covered in spots. The doctor recommended some topical cream (Betnovate) and emollient wash (Cetraban) which should be used instead of soap to maintain skin moisture. In addition to those, I regularly apply Bio Oil to reduce my scaring. My skin condition is already improving and all the spots are starting to fade away. More importantly, Work situation is so much better. I feel in control and things are starting to fall right into place.

In the mean time, I shall continue to cover my legs with little spray of Sally Hansen’ airbrush legs. Great stuff!,(it should be called ‘miracle in an aerosol can). So boo to Eczema!

Just so I could derive further joy in grossing you out, pictures below are for your viewing pleasure. But think of what me, Cara Delevingne and Kim kardashian have to put up with.( Jeez! aren’t we some gorgeous sexy trio with nasty skin condition)

Have a great weekend and lots of love.

Jane xxx


English: Psoriasis

Eczema on arms


Not lazy, just taking it easy.


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Queen of  get-it-together-and-provide-all-their-needs.

Queen of get-it-together-and-provide-all-their-needs.


Before my annual leave began, I envisioned myself lazying chilling around at home without an ounce of guilt. I was going to stick to a mantra inscribed brightly on my son’s jammy “Not lazy, just taking it easy” Soon enough, I realised that the luxury of laziness and feeling entitled at the same time only applied to my children. Not even our lovely duchess of Cambridge in all of her privileges can afford the luxury of lazy days anymore. With a very cute prince George who would gladly keep her up most nights, she will soon acquire good old eye bags like the rest of us. The great thing about Kate Middleton is that she trends like no man’s business. You never know,  she might  just make eye bags fashionable. Brilliant innit?!

I am nearing the end of what was meant to be a two weeks of “me time” annual leave and I am a shed load of exhaustion. I spent most days…like..literary a whole day rendering impeccable services to my family; ranging from cooking, cleaning, ironing and taxi-ing them about to various summer activities and of course to visit their friends. “Ridiculous!” I screamed out yesterday afternoon, after a marathon of chores around the house. I shall refrain from moaning to you how expensive it is to entertain kids these days. Let’s just say that I could buy myself a gorgeous designers handbag off a days trip expenses.  Because life must continue, we plan to visit Cadbury world this weekend as well as squeezing in a trip to somewhere bloody expensive in London. After all that jazz, I shall happily get back to work on Monday. (Hurray! )

I feel a little disappointed in myself, despite all of my efforts so far to keep my brood happy and stimulated. I could have created a little chill out time just for me. I guess my days of being a bionic mum are well and truly over;  Not so long ago, I juggled being a great single mum as well as holding down a full-time job working as a nurse. Although my circumstances have changed for the better (Thankfully). With great parenting support from my brilliant other half, I have realised that I am no longer as good a juggler as I was in my single-parenting days. Hopefully, my lazy days will come soon as they have flown the nest.

Children are gifts from God and they bring great joy, even if they  manage to reduce you to a barking mad woman in the middle of town centre. It’s all good in the freaking hood!

Big tings a gwan!

So, I managed to secure guest writing with the great I am incredibly happy about this but I don’t think my writing creativity is functioning as well at the moment to be able to deliver a great piece for them. I think they have been kind enough to have published what I have written so far. Nonetheless,  I am persevering to get myself functioning brilliantly. I am not big on patience, not at all, sometimes I wish that I had super power to drag things along faster than a Japanese bullet train. ‘Be patient Jane!, please be patient,’ says everyone I know . Although they are starting to sound like a broken record, I reckon it may be time to stop and listen to their wise words.

Please find time to check out the link below and see my post on Let me know your thoughts.

Till my next post, have a brilliant weekend:-)
Jane xxx

Oh for Pete’s sake! (Breast cancer and Stress)


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Pondering upon....

Pondering upon….

55. breast cancer logo

55. breast cancer logo (Photo credit: TipsTimes)

Before I start another rant on what is bugging me this week, I would like to register my utmost gratitude to those who have continued to visit my blog in the past couple of weeks. I took time off blogging and social networking  to pay close attention to other important things in my life.  I am delighted to say that although the life changes I made so far may have been a little drastic, they are indeed paying off greatly. As you know, it is always wise to go back to the drawing board of life and amend few leaks. Anyhoo, I am back!:-)

So has anyone heard of the newly published research on correlation of stress and breast cancer ? Well that nearly brought my lovely hybrid car to a screeching halt. I heard over on BBC radio 4 as I was driving home from the gym yesterday. (My new love for BBC radio 4 instead of my usual radio 1 is a story for another day )
The new research was led by Dr Tetyana Pudrovska. The findings concluded that professional/ successful woman are more likely to develop breast cancer than our stay home and lower income counterparts. The risk factor pointed towards the high stress level of exercising job authority. Presumebly, woman bosses and managers are most at risk of stress thus breast cancer. I can only assume that you become an automatic victim to breast cancer if you are a manager, a nurse and your relationship is a bit turbulent. Surely some life changes could help reduce stress and minimise prevalence of breast cancer in professional woman.

I found Dr Pudrovska’s research very noble and a great warning bell for us career minded women, but I was also incredibly annoyed by yet another obstacle to deter women from growing in their professional abilities and independence. The world is changing overwhelmingly and some women like myself are becoming more independent and going for leadership roles in their various professions. These roles come with enormous pressure and expectations but they are also very rewarding both financially and emotionally.
My argument also focuses on the fact that other factors other than work stress could trigger cancer in Women.

I don’t know what your thoughts are on the findings of this research but my suggestion would be to know your own body and identify your stress level, adopt a healthy lifestyle and chill out when needed. It is easier said than done. I am still learning how to chill out and retain my…shall I say…. hairy balls in the world of scary balls. I am off now to do a bit of cross-training at the gym. Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend.

Jane xxx

Wear your fabulous jacket of strength and courage.


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I enjoy reading quotes. They are like mini life-coaching sessions; motivational and reassuring. Here are some of my favourite quotes, great for when I need to turn up my inner warrior swag.

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you~ Walt Disney

One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised~ Chinua Achebe

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Fall seven times, stand up eight~ Chinese proverb

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts ~ Winston Churcill

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Courage: the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently ~ Maya Angelou

Stay positive.

From Jane with ♥

One day heavens will speak.


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It has been an awful week for most of us around the world. From the devastation in Oklahoma by mother nature to a senseless killing of a young British soldier.

As you do, I ventured watching 10 o clock news last night on BBC one and the stories one after the other were very depressing. Watching the family of Drummer Lee in so much sorrow brought tears to my eyes. No one had to lose their loved one in that horrible way. In desperation for a lighter mood, I turned to my other half and suggested we watch all episodes of the Kardashians back to back, he looked at me and I bet he thought WTF!!!!!  ‘ No love!’ he replied with a straight face.  He is not all into trashy television, he is an intelligent man who enjoys intelligent stuff. I on the hand, fluctuates from intelligence to trashy… rather happily.

However, nothing could lighten anyone’s mood at that point, it was a very sad news. Drummer Lee deserved a better life and the young men who murdered him were already troubled souls,  groomed carefully by charismatic evil doers to do their dirty jobs in the name of religion.

More so, what got me screaming in anger was the reaction of some people and their political incorrectness over the incident. Some blamed multiculturalism and called for all immigrants to be thrown out. Others blamed religion and unfairly tagged all muslims as terrorists. while others worried about Nigerian image being tarnished by the Woolwich killing. Does it matter at all if these murderer were Nigerians or British? If they were black or white?

I wondered  if there was any need  for all the pointless bickering and bigotry displayed in the social media. Shouldnt we stay focused and united as humans and fight against these blood-thirsty idiots in our society. In contrast,  a Muslim woman on twitter rightfully tweeted, ‘not in our names, stop the killing and stop destroying Islam’  I totally admired her confidence and passion. There is no doubt that many Muslims felt the same way. It must be sad to watch your faith and spirituality used as a justification to kill.

I know terrorism is far-reaching and it is undoubtedly a deadly virus plaguing the world at large, leaving its dreadful mark on both Muslims and non-Muslims. How on earth can you mend a damaged mind and turn an individual from their violent behavior which is already skin-deep? My humble suggestion is that we stay strong and do the best we can to promote peace and love in our every day lives. In time, all these shall pass.

I hate that this post has such a sepulchral tone to it but it is what it is. In the mean time, I confidently look forward to a peaceful world , where we shall continue to enjoy the liberty of being humans as God intended; Loving, compassionate and selfless. Heavens shall speak one day. I am hopeful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jane xx

The sun and the dark skin.


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English: Young black woman (cropped version)
English: Young black woman (cropped version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently met up with an old mate I used to know since we were teens back in Nigeria, we had a good catch up and then moved on to chats about the weather and how we will never get to wear dresses this year with all the stuff our great British weather has been delivering lately. Into our conversation, I casually mentioned that I had already bought suncream for my family in time for summer. With great shock on her face, she said ‘you use sun protection?’ and she continued, ‘isn’t sun protection for white people alone?’ Of course my response to her was equally dramatic, ‘say what woman?!’ ‘Sun protection is for all types of skin and skin colour’. I am not surprised at her reaction because I have seen so many people with similar attitude towards black skin and sun skincare. Perhaps stronger awareness from the national health may help to educate the ethnic minorities about protecting themselves and their families from UV damages and skin cancer.

There is a misconception that black people are immune to skin cancer because of the generous amount of epidemic melanin in darker skin, thus many dark -skinned people are leaving their skin exposed to skin cancer. This perception is untrue and dangerous. Although the increased melanin on darker and I mean black skin provides a natural sun protection, it is only an SPF of 13 which isn’t enough to protect the skin from longer exposure of sun’s harmful UV rays. We need at least SPF 15 to give our dark skin the protection it needs under the sun. My family consists of white and black people and we all needed to protect our skin from sun damage. And yes not even my beautiful melanin filled dark skin can withstand damages from the sun.

What about people in Africa?

I grew up in Africa and I have spent all those years underneath the beautiful sunshine without any worries about the damages on my skin. And I have never seen anyone with sun damaged skin except for the albinos, which was understandable because they were very fair. More also, I suspect that skin cancer and sun damage may be under reported as so many other diseases in Africa or the skin may have become so used to the climate.
However in South Africa where there is winter and summer seasons: More cases of skin cancer are coming out of the wood works. Presumably, sun damage may have more effect on dark- skinned people who live in countries with hot and cold season.
Skin changes or damages on fair skinned people are noticeable and you can easily tell by the redness of the skin however it’s very difficult to see such damages on dark skin unless you looked very closely. Therefore people with darker skin must be aware that they are also at risk of skin cancer and must use blockers as well as regular skin checks.

My skin

I started using Sunscreen since I came to England in 2002, during the summer; I noticed that my skin darkened significantly with different shades of brown here and there. I hated the uneven skin tone and I knew straight away that the sun was to blame. I remembered asking my ex husband if the sun was different from the one in Africa because I had never seen such a reaction to sun on my skin when I lived in Nigeria. I believed that the darkening of my skin in the hot summer was the same as redness on a white/ fair skin and an evidence of some damage on my skin. Dark skin may have natural protection but without sun protection, skin will be affected over time.

My sun care.

During summer, I use Sunscreen SPF 30 on my face and SPF 50 on my body. And SPF 30 sensitive ONCE (from Boots) on my children who are also very dark-skinned like myself. There are invisible Sunscreen which are my favourite because they blend into your skin without the horrible white streaks.

The rationale for this post is to create awareness of sun damages/skin cancer on dark skin and encourage people to protect their skin during the hot season.
I hope that the sun comes out soon and shines fabulously for us all. Have a great weekend.

From Jane with ♥

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I managed to have the poo-est day in history!


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English: A coloured plate. Caption: “What day ...

I couldn’t switch off from the negative emotion I had picked up from work. I was driving home with tears in my eyes and hating all that had gone on earlier in the day; ranging from the death of a resident patient whom I had grown very fond of, inability to work smoothly and promptly as pre-planned and to the most annoying colleagues ..aaahhh… the burning anger and blazing frustration. Not even my favorite wicked dance tunes from radio 1’s DJ Annie Mac could calm me.

Nonetheless, I got home and went straight for a group hug with my family. It was a much needed hug with little hands belonging to my lovely children ,rubbing my back and calming all my tensed nerves. My au pair who has also become a valued member of our family handed me a cup of tea and a hug too….Yes I had a bad day at work and my family saw it written all over me soon as I walked through the front door.

Generally, it felt like I was gradually loosing everything that I have ever stood for since the start of my career. Watching my work ethics and standard slip away slowly and completely lost in the ocean of work chaos and madness. Although as a nurse, I have become very used to working under stress but there were always available resources and suitable work environment to help you cope. Bearing in mind that chaos is not organic to my nature. I had to learn and adapt.I love focus and routines. In fact my little ticker rejoices when I know where I am heading and when my goals are clear to me. More also, I am in my absolute element when I am competent and confident at my job.

I totally appreciate the buzz and challenge of achieving new objectives and developing myself at the same time ..that’s exactly how I roll …..but there’s nothing I despise more than feeling completely invisible in a new role where you are constantly rushing around like the crazy white rabbit off of Alice in wonderland and yet achieving nothing to make you go home and feel proud of yourself. For me, it is by mile the worst career feeling anyone can experience.

Finally, whilst relaxing with my lovely cup of tea, ( Thank God for tea, amazing stuff!) I reflected and pondered deeply on the situation;

Was this my fault or have I found myself in a place where my talent is undermined?
Could this be a projection of my own thought because I cannot stand chaos and being undervalued?
Am I too quick to judge the situation, could things improve over time?
Could I explore other options where my talents are?
And what is in this for me? Will I progress quicker or be stuck in a career rut?

I hope to make the best decision for my career development and move forward towards becoming very efficient in my new managerial role. I look forward to happier work days till I retire in a lovely little cottage somewhere in Cornwall.

Rants over at least for now…… Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog.

Jane xx



Struggling with wordpress. I apologise, please bear with me


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I have been posting my drafts in error lately and that’s starting to rub me the way. Since my phone wordpress app got updated, I have suddenly become my mother; unable to work tech properly.

Please don’t be put off by my technical errors, I am at that time of the month and a little impatient. But I shall get this sorted asap.
Thank you so much for reading my blog.

From Jane with ♥